Director: Eugene Torres (Digital Cinema)
Film Genre: Drama
Logline: Andrea lives in Manila, while Erika lives in Tokyo. These girls are still best friends despite the distance. The technology of video call provides them a world of their own.
Cast: Rcee Tenefrancia, Emily Ogawa
Director: Nixs Bernal (Digital Cinema)
Film Genre: Light Comedy, Drama
Logline: The story revolves around the 6-year old girl’s attempt to solve the rubik’s cube pattern that eventually represents her identity.
Cast: Mercedes Cabral, Ashley Namilit        


“Munting Tahanan”
Director: Stephanie Dumayas (Digital Cinema)
Film Genre: Drama
Logline: The story is about a mother and a son who are forced to leave their house due to demolition in the area.
Cast: Chin Jongko, Red Craven Ricamara
“Ang Mga Burloloy ni Ella”
Director: Faustino Abante (Multimedia Arts)
Film Genre: Drama
Logline: A story of a 15-year old girl who finds tolerance with her group of friends as a form of escape.
Cast: Beatrix Seguban, Eleonor Rico, Angelo Gernale, Shiela Santos, Mark Morales, Angel Rockwell
“Sa Mundong Aming Ginagalawan”
Director: Emmanuel Chino Mutia (Multimedia Arts)
Film Genre: Narrative
Logline: An omnibus poetry film on LGBT community that revolves around the 6 different stories transpired in one night.
Cast: Brix Oliveros, Remy Jean dela Cruz, Ericka Coronado, Kate Cruz, Alex Rieza, JC Flordeliza, Kyle Jayogue, Skye Miguel, Fer Agda, Delano Agapito, Jomy Singson
Director: Jev Romuel Gamboa (Digital Cinema)
Film Genre: Drama
Logline: After the apocalypse separated a young troubled man from the love of his life, he must find his way back to reunite with her once and for all.
Cast: James Inductivo, Maria Buvelle, Edina Budoy
Director: Nixs Bernal (Digital Cinema)
Film Genre: Drama
Logline: A short film about a man who is about to come home, and a loved one who patiently waits for his return.
Cast: Mareck Jingco, Renzo Fernandez
“Toilet Trobol”
Director: Fernando Manalo (Digital Cinema)
Film Genre: Comedy
Logline: A man with a temporary loose bowel movement is about to meet his long-time high school friend and his transgender girlfriend.
Cast: Julio Garcia, Jairo delos Reyes, Floran Lagao
Director: Michael John Tuclaud (Multimedia Arts)
Film Genre: Comedy, Suspense, Action
Logline: Two filmmakers, one location, low budget, how far can they go?
Cast: Michael John Tuclaud, Joseph Raphael Salvacion
“Uwian Na”
Directors: Jay Carlo Magboo & Gadriell Gem Sol (Multimedia Arts)
Film Genre: Drama
Logline: A story about a girl who suffers from a depression after the death of her parents, which eventually leads her to feel their physical presence in her delusion.
Cast: Dana Marcelo, Calvert Vilaga