Katha: The SMS Night 2019 on Philippine Mythology Inspired Theme

Posted: December 27, 2018, 12:23 P.M.

The SMS Night is an annual event of the School of Media Studies, Mapúa University that gathers students for a night-long celebration, acquaintance, party, and fashion. This night also features the annual Mr. and Ms. School of Media Studies, where winners will represent the school in the most anticipated Mr. and Ms. Cardinals. The night also showcases the talents of the SMS students in the fields of entertainment and arts. This also invites great performers from local entertainment industry and showbiz.
This 2019, the SMS night tagged as "Katha: Ang Hiwaga ng Kahapon" focuses on the fictional supernatural characters in Philippine mythology. These characters will be represented by the candidates of Mr. and Ms. SMS 2019 in their theme wear competition as follows:
Mr. SMS 2019
  1. Herald Espenocilla as "Dimangan" -  the God of Good Harvest
  2. Joshua Dela Rama as "Magindang" - the Visayan God of Sea and its Creature
  3. Daryl Talento as "Apolaki" - the Tagalog Deity of the Sun
  4. Kurt Uy as "Amanikable" - the III Tempered God of the Sea
  5. Leo Laorenza as "Tikbalang" - the Protector of Forest and Mountains
  6. Jah Enero as "Blanga" - the Deity of Rocks
Ms. SMS 2019
  1. Sam Sakkam as "Hanan" - the Tagalog Goddess of Morning and Dawn
  2. Tezia Po as "Ynaguinid" - the Visayan Goddess of War and Poison
  3. Cate Tobias as "Haliya" - the Bikolano Masked Goddess of the Moonlight
  4. Patricia Mendoza as "Anitun Tabu" - the Tagalog Fickle Minded Goddess of Wind and Rain
  5. Sofia Cuaderno as "Diwata" - the Tagalog Forest Spirit
  6. Danya Yalung as "Lidagat" - the Visayan Water Deity
Katha: The SMS Night 2019 will be held on January 11, 2019 at LE PARC, The Metropolitan Park in EDSA Extension cor. Macapagal Avenue, Pasay City at 7:00 p.m.
This event is organized by Hiraya SMS Student Council in cooperation with the recognized SMS student organizations (.MOVE; Film Arts and Media Enthusiasts (FAME); Design Deconstruct (D2); Cardinal Eye; and Kino Indio.
For tickets, you may contact Hiraya SMS student council officers or members.