CINEMAPÚA : Mapúa University's Annual Student Digital Film Festival

CINEMAPÚA  is an annual Digital Student Short Film Festival of Mapua University, which showcases the skills of the students in producing short film and in appreciating the value of film making. Prof. Benigno B. Agapito Jr. conceptualized Cinemapúa in Mapua Makati in 2002 as a student activity of the School of Languages, Humanities and Social Sciences (SLHS) in cooperation with the TheaterLinks, a student organization which Prof. Agapito had created in Mapúa Makati campus. The legacy and academic value of Cinemapua had continued through the efforts of the SLHS Makati professors, until Mapúa Administration considered Cinemapúa to be an official institutionalized annual event in 2011.

Cinemapúa 2011 was a perfect move to make the students’ film festivity more accessible to a bigger audience with SM Cinema as a partner. The Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival provided Cinemapúa winners the slots in 2011 and 2012 at the Cultural Center of the Philippines, as exhibition films.

In 2012, Cinemapúa had its Festival Organizing Committee both in Intramuros and Makati campuses with the cooperation of the School of Multimedia and Visual Arts (now School of Media Studies). The Cinemapúa also had its official student organization as festival co-handler, The Film Arts and Media Enthusiasts (FAME), the student organization in Mapúa Intramuros campus which Prof. Agapito had created to officially handle the various activities of the festival.

From 2002-2014, Cinemapúa was only open to all students of Mapúa University, Intramuros and Makati campuses. In 2015, Cinemapúa introduced a different student film festival with quality film stories and excellent film productions from different universities and colleges in Metro Manila, Bulacan, Cavite, Laguna and Batangas. From there, Cinemapúa has two categories: the Intercollegiate Category and the All Mapúans Category. The Inter-Collegiate was a category for legitimate students from all colleges and universities in Metro Manila, Cavite, Laguna, Batangas and Bulacan, while the All-Mapuan was an exclusive category for Mapúa students from Intramuros campus and Makati campus. 

In 2018, Cinemapúa introduced a new category, the animation category which featured five selected animation short films of Mutimedia Arts students of Mapúa University's School of Media Studies. In January 2019, a category for senior and junior high school students was launched. 

The Cinemapúa aims to: 1) to enhance the students' awareness on the importance of film arts in the academe, community and the world as a whole; 2) to develop the skills of the students in using film technology as a tool for learning; 3) to educate the students about the basic concepts, principles and practices of film arts and visual communication; and 4) to promote values through film production.

The Cinemapúa also serves as a training ground for Mapúans and other students from different universities, colleges and high schools to compete in the national and international film festivals.