Message from the Dean

A person sitting on a couchDescription automatically generated with medium confidenceThe power of media plays a significant role in today's highly innovative world. Its global impact has influenced the pattern of living of the people; the line of service of the industries and the government; and the trend of market in business. These functions have proven the vitality of media in delivering forceful information in changing the world.

The various forms of media are considered the main carriers of messages, and the main bearers of entertainments for the globe. The useful ideas in the computer, the moving pictures on film, the visual screen on television, the audible voices on radio, and the written pages of newspaper have touched the starving needs of the people for information. Without the media, people look as if living in a bloodless or a lifeless society.

The benefit of media can never be underestimated. The transactions of people in all fields of endeavors turn out to be visible because of the coverage of media. Social irregularities are brought to light, and political tricks are made publicly because of the powerful stories deliver by media. The media become the crusaders of justice and truth. People tend to use media as the channels to express their thoughts.

The private entrepreneurs use media to achieve popularity and distinctions. Demands for commodities and services in the market become more intense because of the great influence of advertisements. The development of personal computers has produced an advanced set-up and technique in the delivery of concepts and information. This technical contribution has directed the discovery of the state-of-the-art media facility to make operations and delivery more complex and far-reaching.

The School of Media Studies (SMS) of Mapúa University aims to provide art and design professionals whose creative works exhibit core Filipino values and who demonstrate high level of competencies in artistic production in local and international settings.

In addition, SMS produces individuals who are committed to nation-building and lifelong learning. SMS students are known for their in-depth technical skills in concept design, visual development, art execution through 2D and 3D animation, graphic design, video production, and filmmaking. Their initiative, passion, diversity and creativity are globally competitive. Their expressions and applications of human creative skills and imagination are highly in demand.

With these, Mapua alumni are undeniably occupying top positions not only in the fields of Engineering and Architecture but also in the fields of Multimedia Arts and Filmmaking.

Dean Benigno B. Agapito, Jr.
School of Media Studies
Mapúa University