Posted: December 14, 2018, 8:30 P.M.

The School of Media Studies of Mapúa University is currently offering 2 undergraduate programs, namely, Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Arts and Bachelor of Arts in Digital Film. In school year 2019-2020, the school will open three more programs, Bachelor of Arts in Digital Journalism, Bachelor of Arts in Advertising Design and Bachelor of Arts in Broadcast Media.
This initiative of offering more media programs is to produce highly competitive media arts professionals, who are equipped with industry standards, and specialized skills in creating in-depth media solutions through digital outputs such as video, graphics, animation, film, broadcast, advertising design or mixed media. 
Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Arts is a program that focuses on the in-depth technical process of concept design, visual development, and art execution through 2D and 3D animation, graphic design and video production. This program introduces the visual development stage in producing an animation which is an essential part of animated film. This also includes the creative production of corporate videos, digital marketing, social video or client/customer information videos. At the same time, it introduces both hand-skills and digital-skills to complete most projects.
On the other hand, Bachelor of Arts in Digital Film is a program that centers on film production process from pre-production to post-production. It deals with professional and skills development courses like directing, production design, cinematography, acting, screenwriting, sound and music and film editing. This program covers narrative featured film, documentary film and experimental film.
The three new media programs focus on how to design and how to communicate effectively across different media platforms based on knowledge of digital technology theories, principles, approaches and practices. The Bachelor of Arts in Digital Journalism covers both the comprehensive courses on the principles and techniques in journalism, and the advanced delivery of news and information using new media platforms. This program focuses on print, broadcast and online news writing, reporting and news coverage with extensive laboratory experience. It also provides students with the knowledge and skills in digital newspaper, journal and magazine publication; economic, industrial and business online reporting; photojournalism, graphic journalism and publication design; principles and tools of electronic and web publishing. This field is a combination of advanced classroom and laboratory experiences, with emphasis on professional and ethical standards.
The Bachelor of Arts in Broadcast Media covers both the theoretical and actual radio and television production courses, and the advanced transmission of news, information and concepts using new media platforms. This program focuses on digital technology for broadcasting productions and on the methods of newsgathering, news reporting, and delivery of concepts using internet-based multimedia platform. This field is a combination of classroom instructions and actual studio productions.
Finally, the Bachelor of Arts in Advertising Design is characterized by the process of 1) pursuing aesthetic concerns, 2) using visuals and supplementary sensory devices creatively to translate ideas, and 3) producing and authoring media and related technologies to express ideas, communicate messages, and raise opinions to elicit reactions and actions from audiences, users, or receivers of information.
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