Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Arts (BMMA)

This program focuses on the in-depth technical process of concept design, visual development, and art execution through 2D and 3D animation, graphic design and video production. This program introduces the visual development stage in producing an animation which is an essential part of animated film. This also includes the creative production of corporate videos, digital marketing, social video or client/customer information videos. At the same time, it introduces both hand-skills and digital-skills to complete most projects.
Within five years after graduation, the graduates of Multimedia Arts program shall have:
  1. Equipped with industry standards, and specialized skills in creating in-depth solutions through multimedia outputs such as video, graphics, animation, or mixed media.
  2. Practiced ethical and professional multimedia standards needed in society and global industry.
  3. Demonstrated life-long learning via progress toward completion of an advanced degree in multimedia arts, or professional skills development in various digital media platforms.
A. Ability to design and communicate effectively across different media platforms based on knowledge of multimedia theories, principles and approaches.
B. Ability to evaluate and articulate the societal, aesthetic, communicative and ethical value of a multimedia product based on global trends and issues in multimedia technologies, design and practice.
C. Ability to recognize the need for and to demonstrate the ability to engage in lifelong learning.
D. Ability to demonstrate proficiency in the traditional visual arts required in the production of multimedia content.
E. Ability to demonstrate technical proficiency in the use of the appropriate technologies required in the production of multimedia content.
F. Ability to exhibit creativity and innovative thinking in the design and production of multimedia content and applications.
G. Ability to demonstrate professionalism and ethical behavior in the practice of multimedia in the creative industries and other community contexts.
H. Ability to communicate effectively in written and oral forms.
I. Ability to collaborate effectively in multi-disciplinary teams.
J. Ability to demonstrate entrepreneurial competencies.
  • Multimedia Artists (animator, graphic artist, videographer)
  • Advertising Development (advertising artist, concept artist, art director, creative director, design manager, package designer, web designer, visual developer, photographer)
  • Animation Production (concept artist, animator, cartoonist, art director)
  • Newspaper and Magazine Publishing (graphic artist, graphic designer, printmaker, cartoonist, layout artist)
  • Fashion Industry (costume and fine jewelry designer, fashion designer, fashion stylist, production designer, photographer)
  • Movie and Video Productions (promotional manager, motion graphic artist, layout artist, video editor, special effects artist)
  • Advertising Educators (advertising professor, art educator)
  • Game Development (visual developer, game environment designer, graphic designer, illustrator, layout artist, 3D modeler)