BMMA Students Hold Virtual Exhibit, Reverie of Id

Posted: October 28, 2021, 10:38 A.M.

Multimedia Arts students of Mapúa's School of Media Studies (SMS), who took up Portfolio Preparation and Exhibit Design (MA132P) course for the first term of Academic Year 2021-2022, unveiled their virtual exhibit entitled “Reverie of Id: Amplified Imagination” last October 8 to 10, 2021 through Artsteps.

Reverie of Id featured artworks with a narrative of manifesting pent-up feelings and thoughts, their revelation of Sigmund Freud’s Id. Following the 1920’s Art Deco style, the group showed a semblance of a post-pandemic era that had the same yearning of the current generation unable to freely experience life to its fullest. “The least we can do for ourselves is to acknowledge the feelings and emotions that we have, and to release these pent-up expressions in a way that is productive and cathartic” shared the exhibit’s head organizer, Justin Gage Faraon.

The exhibitors for this term are Justin Gage Faraon, Aljohn Casil, and Rred Esguerra under Bachelor of Science in Multimedia Arts and Sciences (MAS), John Gareth Ilagan, Patrick Binamira, and Regina Jane Austria under Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Arts (BMMA), and Piolo Andre Cruz and Lea Ysabel Evangelista under Bachelor and Master of Arts in Multimedia Arts (AMMA). 

It has been a long-standing tradition for multimedia arts students to hold an exhibit as part of their rite of passage before graduating. In the past years, it has been held in face-to-face settings but due to the on-going pandemic, the department has used the online exhibit platform Artsteps. Faraon noted how the virtual experience had both pros and cons. “The online exhibit space was definitely a big factor in the success of Reverie of Id,” he said. While there were some issues on the navigation and accessibility, the group was able to pull through as they incorporated new techniques which helped enrich viewers’ audiovisual experience this is partly thanks to virtual exhibits in the past.

Reverie of Id is still available for viewing through Artsteps. Those interested can visit the Mapúa University School of Media Studies Facebook page for more information on exhibits and updates.